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Bearded White Violet Viola incognita  
Image of: Bearded White Violet Viola incognita.


Photo Copyright: Gary W. Sherwin © 1999 All Rights Reserved.
This violet is common in southwestern Pennsylvania.  It can be found growing wild along the edges of the woods and occasionally along fence-rows.  The specimen shown in the image above is growing in Gary's wildflower and fern garden which is sandwiched between two houses, along a narrow sidewalk.  The species is a prolific bloomer that blooms from late spring through early summer.  Even after it finishes blooming, in maintains a lush pad of shiny green leaves until the insects and rabbits devour them.  Both the leaves and the blossoms are a tasty treat for animals and humans.

LOCATION: Westmorland County, PA

This gallery contains a collection of  images presenting species of Violets, found in the wild in America.  If you would like to contribute an original photo (That You Took!) to this collection, please send it as a ".bmp" file attachment to a file describing the specimen (Genus, species, Photo Owner Name, Date of Copyright, Text Description) to the Webmaster at the address indicated below.

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