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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Traditional Single Flowered Violets

Kaiser Friedrich - Kronprinzessin von Deutscland

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Kaiser Friedrich – See ‘Victoria Regina’.

Kaiserin von Osterreich – Germany.

Crimson red flowers.

The name means Ιmpress of Austria.

Kaiser Wilhelm II – Germany; 1895.

Giant flowered deep bluish-purple, up to 1.75 inches across, very strong scent. 

R.H.S. Award of Merit - 1913

Kaiserin Augusta – Rathke & Sohn, (Praust) Germany; c 1880s.

Reputedly obtained from a crossing of Viola semperflorens and Viola rossica.

Dark blue flowers in abundance from the end of summer until Autumn.

Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria – H. Wrede (Luneburg) Germany; c 1890s.

Dark, crimson flowers.

Kaiserin Freidrich – See, ‘Kronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Kerry Girl -  Kerry Carmen, Masterton, New Zealand.

Another of the quintet of violets introduced by Kerry Carmen from New Zealand, and like the other members of the collection, a tidy, medium sized plant with flowers not unlike those of V. rupestris. rosea  but noticeably darker.  The blooms are produced on stems about 6 inches long, and whilst unsuitable as a cut flower it makes a lovely border plant.

King Albert - See 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'.

King of the Belgians - See 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'.

King's Ermine – Origins unknown.

White flowers, no scent.

King of the Violets – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Knockmullen – Origins unknown.  1910.

Bluish-purple flowers supposedly an earlier and freer flowering form of 'Wellsiana'.

Koningen Charlotte – Wilhelm Gerst, (Bietigheim) Germany.  September 1899.

Very fragrant mid-blue flowers very noticeable from a distance.  It has been used extensively as a market flower, mainly because of its profuse flowering, long flowering season beginning in August, and its long upright stems, with the flowers well above the leaves.

Kronprinzessin – See, ‘Victoria Regina’.

Kronprinzessin Viktoria – See, ‘Kronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Kronprinzessin von Deutschland – Germany; c 1880s.

Very large early crimson-violet flowers, on long stalks.  Scented though not very hardy.

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