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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Traditional Single Flowered Violets

George Lee - Giuletto Fanin

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George Lee - Jean Burrows (Avon) UK.

Another large violet from Jean Burrows and the re-discovered Lee nursery at Clevedon, with reddish purple flowers that have white bee lines, borne on longish stems.  This is a large-leaved, mid season violet that has a very vigorous habit.

Germania – Germany; c 1890s

No description available.

Giant - G.W. Boothby, Louth (Lincolnshire) UK.  1860.

Bluish-purple flowers up to 2 inches across.  This cultivar seems to have quickly faded from sight, until it was discovered that the Ano-Nuevo Flower Farm in California had been growing this same cultivar since 1901.

Giant Elk - See 'Royal Elk'.

Giantess - G.W. Boothby, Louth (Lincolnshire) England.  1873.

Large white flowers.

Glabella - See 'Sulphurea'.

Gloire Amelioree - See 'Princesse de Galles'.

Gloire de Bourg-la-Reine - Introduced by Armand Millet, Bourg la Reine, France. 1879.

A seedling of 'Czar', with wide rounded petals forming a broad flower of blue delicately tinted with violet, with a subtle sweet perfume.  Large dark green leaves, with marked denticulation.  Named by Millet in honour of his hometown.

Gloire de France - France. 1905.

Large reddish-mauve flowers.

Gloire de Hyeres - France. 1898.

Deep blue flowers.

Gloriole - Origins unknown.

No description available.

Glucks vaerbessertes Hamburger Veilchen – Germany; c 1890s.

A seedling from ‘Hamburger’ with scented dark blue flowers on long stems

Goethe - Weimar, Germany.

A violet growing for many decades in the former garden of the German poet and philosopher.  Small white flowers with a silvery blue sheen, and a blue spur, very free flowering.

Goodwin's Blue - Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Graf Molkte – Germany; c 1897.

The name means ‘Early Molkte’.  Dark blue flowers that tend to fade to a paler colour in direct sunlight.  Reputedly disease-resistant, and not susceptible to Red Spider Mite attack.

Grandiflora - Origins unknown. 1910.

Giant blue flowers with rounded petals.

Granny Marsh – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Grey Lady – Australia.  Date unknown.

Pale lilac-grey flowers with a good scent.

Grosse' Bleue - See 'Ravageot'.

Giuletto Fanin – Introduced by Nathalie Casbas, Villaudric, France.

Raised by Guilio Fanin from Italy and grown at Suzi’s Garden,  a local nursery.

A very vigorous violet with big blue flowers.

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