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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Traditional Single Flowered Violets

Eastern Blue - Eynsford Giant

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Eastern Blue - Origins unknown.

Fragrant, deep blue-purple flowers.

El Duende - Originated in the U.S.A.

Interestingly, the name in Spanish means Elf.

Glowing crimson-purple flowers, with a neat upright growth, outstanding fragrance. 

Elizabeth Bailes – Margaret Howard, Ariah Park, NSW, Australia.

Introduced by the Fragrant Garden Nursery, Erina, NSW, Australia, and named in honour of the owners’ daughter by Mrs Howard.  Soft lavender pink flowers and fragrant.

Elizabeth Bates – See, ‘Elizabeth Bailes’.

Elizabeth Lee  - Jean Burrows (Avon) UK.

One of the violets re-discovered by Jean Burrows on the site of Geo Lee's old nursery at Clevedon.  Large violet flowers with distinctive white bases to the petals.  Long-stemmed and vigorous flowers.

Elizabetha di Strassoldo – Introduced by Nathalie Casbas, Villaudric, France.

Named after the owner of the Castle Stassoldo in Italy.

Large blue flowers.

Elegantissima - Carter.  1870.

Blue flowers.

Elk Horn – Origins unknown.

Blue flowers which were not scented, could possibly have been a development from  'Governor Herrick'.

Elsie Coombs - Jean Arnot, Windward Violet Farm, Dawlish, ( Devon) UK

Named in honour of the mother of Roy Coombs (first Chairman of the International Violet Association, and a noted amateur violet historian) by Jean Arnot, the last owner of the world famous Windward Violet Nursery in Devon, for all the help and advice he gave her during her time there.   Large white blooms which are touched with indigo at the centre, and an orange eye, there is a faint perfume.

Emilie Andre - See ' Kaiser Wilhelm II'.

Empress Augusta - See 'Kaiserin Augusta'.

English - Originating in the U.S.A.

Very large long stemmed purple blooms, extremely fragrant and very prolific.

Eton - Turner. 1897.

Pale blue flowers.

Explorateur Dybowski - Introduced by Armand Millet, Bourg la Reine, France. 1893.

This cultivar was named after Jean Dybowski, a famous explorer and expert on tropical Africa. Violet coloured flowers with a metallic sheen, the petals are rounded and very firm, long stemmed. The leaves are up to 10 inches long.  Sweetly-scented and compact. 

Eynsford Giant - H. Cannell. Swanley (Kent) UK. 1916.

Very large flowered blue.

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