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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Traditional Single Flowered Violets

Dalmere Pink - Dorset White

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Delamere Pink – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Deutsche Kronprinzessin – See, ‘Kronprinzessin von Deutschland’.

Deutsche Perle –  Wrede (Luneburg) Germany. 1913.

 The name means  “German Pearl ”

No description available.

Devonia  - J. Heath, Kingskerswell (Devon) UK. 1905.

Vigorous, large reddish-mauve flowers.

Sweetly scented.

Devoniensis - Origins unknown, c. 1860.

Deep blue flowers above foliage and very hardy.

Similar to 'Wilson'

Sweetly perfumed.

Devon Red – Bernwode Plants (Buckinghamshire) UK.

Reputed to be a form of V. odorata  with deep-red, scented flowers.

Devon Violet – The name Devon violets was used to encompass all violets grown in Devon for sale as cut flowers; it is not a specific cultivar. 

Diana Groves - C.W. Groves and Son, Bridport (Dorset) UK.  1998.

Chance seedling. Parentage unknown.

Large claret red flowers and scented.

Named after Clive Groves’ wife Diana.

Doe's Improved - Origins unknown; c 1930.

No description available.

Doctor Jameson - See 'Kaiserin Augusta'.

Donau – Germany; c 1920s.

A sport of ‘La France’ and ‘Improved Queen Charlotte’.

Large dark blue flowers which are somewhat larger than 'Princesse de Galles', with a slight splash of white on the lower petals and distinct bee lines. 

Doris Bazeley - H. Bazeley, Eastleigh (Hampshire) UK. 1897.

No description available.  

Doris Simm – Australia, date unknown.

No description available.

Dorsett - P.H. Dorsett, Garrett Park (Maryland)  U.S.A.  1910.

Purchased originally as ‘Prindesse de Galles  which it resembles slightly.

A prolific, vigorous plant, with leaves in a rich dark green.  Medium sized flowers of a rich violet colour. Unscented.

Dorset White - Origins unknown; 1917.

No description available.

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