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Dancing Geisha - Syletta

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Dancing Geisha Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries, USA.

This imported violet from Japan is undoubtedly a hybrid though the parentage is unknown at this time.

It has large, vibrant, well-cut leaves that are attractively variegated with silver. The flowers are a delicate white, although sometimes they can be lavender and produced in mid spring.

Does not set seed.

Fuji Dawn Origins unknown.

Attractive marbled foliage of pink and cream which turns dark green in late summer. The flowers are blue and are borne in spring. The variegation returns each spring.

Mars Introduced by Terra Nova Nurseries, USA.

V. hirtipes f. rhodovenia x V. Japonica.

Dark leaves with purple veining; the delicate flowers are produced in mid spring.

Rodney Davey Origins unknown.

A naturally occurring sub-species V. japonica albida variegata.

Syletta Origins unknown.

Supposedly a development from V. koreana that is a showy dwarf violet with dark green foliage, variegated with silver markings. Lavender flowers produced from April to May.

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