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International Cultivar Authority Registry Of The Genus Viola

Single Flowered Violets
Governor Herrick Type

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Bournmouth Blue - Mrs Pinehurst

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Bournmouth Blue – See ‘Bournmouth Gem’.

Bournmouth Gem – Origins unknown (1947)

A selection from ‘Governor Herrick’ with rich purple flowers on long stems.  It is claimed that this particular cultivar has a slight perfume, which is more pronounced after rain.

Frey’s Fragrant – Frey (Illinois) U.S.A.  (1925).

A seedling from ‘Governor Herrick’.

Grey-mauve flowers.

Despite the tedious name, without any trace of a fragrance.

General Herrick – See ‘Governor Herrick’.

Governor Herrick – U.S.A. (1910)

A highly regarded commercial variety.

Deep bluish-purple flowers. Blooms born on long, stiff stems.

Long lasting beyond any of the “Sweet Violets”


Mrs Pinchurst – See ‘Mrs Pinehurst’.

Mrs Pinehurst – Origins unknown.

Large blue flowers.

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