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Fields With Underlined Label Are Required
Name - See guidelines below Second Choice - Alternate Name Category

Has this name already been published? Pod Parent Collection location (if from wild-collected seed)

If already published, when and where Pollen Parent Sport Parent

Bloom Description - possible suggestions: details of color, markings, hairs, intensity and/or type of fragrance, form (single, double, twisting, overlapping, etc.), flower size and height, bloom season, etc.) Any details that would help in distinguishing this cultivar from others.

Growth Habit, Foliage Characteristics - possible suggestions: foliage shape, color and size; presence or absence of pubescence; dull/matte or glossy leaf surfaces; upright, compact, bushy or spreading growth habit; etc.) Any details that would help in distinguishing this cultivar from others.

Registered trademark or trade name designation (if applicable) Year of Introduction/Distribution (if this has already occurred)

Name of Registrant Name of Hybridizer Introduced or first distributed by:

Registrant Mailing Address Hybridizer Mailing Address Distributor Mailing Address

Registrant E-mail Address Hybridizer E-mail Address Distributor E-mail Address

Type The 6 Flickering Characters
Left to Right into this window
Tilt your head to the left to
read the sideways characters.
The red line is at the bottom of the character.
Please accept our apologies.
The Pass Key is required to block criminal spammers that were illegaly using this form to send unsolicited and illegal emails

The fee for each cultivar registration is $10.00 US.
A Cultivar Registration Certificate will not be issued until a verified payment is received.
We recommend the use of PayPal to facilitate secure payment.

Payment details will be provided on the confirmation page that will be presented when you hit the "SEND THIS INFORMATION" button.

The following names would not be acceptable:

  1. A slight variation of a previously registered name.
  2. Names that include the words Viola, violet or pansy
  3. Names that include the words hybrid, cultivar, grex, group, maintenance, mixture, selection, sport, series, strain, form, variety, improved or transformed.
  4. Names that contain symbols, fractions or punctuation marks EXCEPT for the apostrophe ('), the comma (,), a single exclamation mark (!), the hyphen (-), the period or full-stop (.), the forwardslash (/) or backslash (\).
  5. Names that are in excess of 30 characters.

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