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The American Violet Society Presents
The Spring 2001 Eastern USA, AVS Field Event
"Uncovering Violet Treasures" In The Dunbar Hills
With Gary W. Sherwin, our Webmaster
Saturday, April 21, 2001
$10.00 Registration Fee
Includes Woodland Luncheon

Featuring:  Road, Trail and Woodland Tours
And Several Unique Surprises

Viola fimbriatula



            In an area full of history, where George Washington honed his skills of leadership during the French and Indian Wars...  In  the very valleys where Washington allegedly shot Jummonville and where legend tells of golden treasure...  Of treasure, hidden in the hills by Colonel Dunbar after he and other "deserters" absconded and hid the gold coin wages meant to pay General Braddock's Troops...  Among the  ridges of charcoal, coal, iron, limestone, water and clay, where our nation's "Age of Steel" had its birth.

Viola rostrata



           The American Violet Society establishes a new tradition by presenting an outing of unparalleled natural beauty and diversity in a location that is central for all our members in northeastern United States.

Viola rotundifolia



             The ridges of the "Dunbar Hills are the southern range limit of many northern species and the valleys are the northern range limit of many southern ones.  Consequently, there are few places in the eastern US with the diversity of species represented in the Plants_and_Fungi of the Dunbar Watershed.  You can be certain, your attendance at this event will be long and pleasantly remembered.

Mr. Sherwin Crossing Dunbar Creek



           We will meet you at your hotel (Holiday Inn, Fairfield Inn, Hampton Inn; Uniontown or Stone House Inn, Bed & Breakfast; Farmington)  , early Saturday morning, then car pool to Pechin Shopping Village.  It will be too early to shop, but not too early to begin the morning with a hearty breakfast together at Pechin's Market Cafeteria. It isn't fancy, but you will not find lower breakfast, lunch or dinner prices anywhere in the country.  You will never forget this experience!

Stone House Inn



            Once we have fueled our bodies, we will pile back into our cars for a short four mile trip to PA State Game Lands # 51 and the beautiful Dunbar Valley, a 17,000 acre public preserve where every turn brings another microclimatic area into view.  As we travel up the valley, you will be enticed to get out of your car and start taking pictures of the numerous wildflowers, including many species of violets that you will see right along the road.  But, be patient, there is much to see and we will have the opportunity for a significant amount of  road-side observations on our "Betty Knocks Road Walking Tour". We will also follow Dunbar Creek's course upstream, where we will observe various violet species growing in the rock ledges, stream overhangs and woodland meadows.

Dining At The Stone House Inn



            Following our "spring romp", we will travel over the mountain to historic Stone House Inn, where we will share a dinner together, selecting from the varied menu, (separate checks) in one of the charming dining rooms.

            Finally, (weather permitting) we will head for the top of Mt. Independence to watch the lights come on in the foothills below, before returning you to your hotel base.

             We encourage you to make a long weekend out of the trip and to visit some of the world class attractions in the local area.  Upon receipt of your $10.00 registration fee, you will be sent a tour package, with information of available lodging, dining, historical, architectural, and historical attractions, including:

Fort Neccesity National Battlefield
Jummonville Glenn
Frank Loyd Wright's Falling Water (Kaufmann Home)
Frank Loyd Wright's Kentuck Knob (Hardy Home [84 Lumber])
Ohio Phyle State Park and White Water Rafting
Yough River Bicycle / Walking Trail
Yough River Float Trips
Lenox Crystal
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

           We recommend that you arrive in the area on or before Friday night and stay at least through Sunday morning, as we will be having a full day of violet associated activity.

For registration and additional information packet, please write:

For travel and tourist information on Fayette County, Pennsylvania  please visit:

See Fayette Forward
See Fay-West Online

We do look forward to seeing you there!

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