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"Matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential, or nonessential; trifles; trivialities." 
Random House Webster's College Dictionary

             Well, well, the above might be true for the serious people at Webster's...for violet lovers, however, any bit of violet information, fact or legend, adds to the mystique. In this page, we will list what we hear and encourage all of you to send in what you hear about violetrivia. Let's create the world's best database of violet trivia!


The Dog Violet Fairy
by Cecily Mary Barker

Violet Magic
      A garland of violets around the neck protects from deception and inebriation.
     Used in love philters and spells, it restores health after a long illness.
     If you are given violets plants as a gift, it's very auspicious. If this gift comes from your lover, the better.
     When violets appear in your dreams, fortune is not too long away..
     When violets bloom in the fall, they mean to warn us about imminent dangers.



The Heartsease Fairy
by Cecily Mary Barker

Violet Mythology
     SACHIEL, Jupiter's archangel considers the violet his flower.


Violet Astrology
     The violet is influenced and protected by the planet VENUS.
     The violet is associated with the astrological sign of: TAURUS.




Violet Time
     In the Lover's Floral Clock... The Violet is 3 o'clock.


Dreaming Violets?
     A Violet in your Dreams.... You will marry someone younger than yourself!



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