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This page will alert you to updates and additions to the site.  Whenever we change or add something to the site, we will post it here.  That way, you can go directly to the new material, without having to look all over the site for it..

Web Based Dichotomous Key Now Available

             The AVS is proud to announce web publication of the first fully branched web based dichotomous key to the violets.  This Key is much easier to use than our original, single page key.  It is the result of extensive efforts of our Webmaster, Gary W. Sherwin and other contributors of photos expertise and specimens.  The key is based upon the work of Harvey Ballard in "The Plants Of Pennsylvania", but is useful for the identification of most eastern US species.  There are a few missing species photos.  We are soliciting contributions to fill these missing slots.  When these photos have been obtained, we will publish the key and our screensaver to CD-ROM.  Stay tuned for that announcement.

             We hope that we will be able to expand this key, in the future, to include, first the rest of North America and then on around the world.  We are looking for contributors to the cause.


The American Violet Society, Violets Of Pennsylvania Screensaver Available To Members

             We have a new member benefit available to our members!  A beautiful screensaver with detailed violet photos and enchanting music by Chopin is available as a 5.5MB download in the Members Only Area.  This particular screensaver is meant just to tease you with the beauty of wild violets.  It randomly and repeatedly displays a large number of violet pictures, as if flipping back and forth through a coffee table book.  The effect is quite entrancing, so be careful, or you may find yourself staring at the screen for hours as sweet strains of Chopin piano music, captures your ears as effectively as the pictures capture your eyes.  ENJOY!

             We will soon be offering a more technical screensaver, with Common and Scientific Names accompanying a linear slideshow.


The Winter 2001 Issue of The Violet Gazette Is Now Available OnlineThe Spring 2001 Issue available to Members Only

             The Winter 2001  issue of The Violet Gazette is now available online for general public viewing.  The Spring Issue is also online in the Members Only area.  It is full of fascinating material by well known and respected authors.  Be sure to read all seven articles!


Dichotomous Key to the Violets of Pennsylvania Now Online 

             The AVS is proud to announce web publication of the first web based dichotomous key to the violets.  Watch this area for further developments as we expand and continually improve the key


Report on The AVS Spring Outing:  "Searching for Violet Treasure" In The Dubnar Hills now online 

             We have published a report on our first AVS organized field trip.  Watch out.  If you read this, you may want to join us on our next outing.


Member Biographies Page Added 

             We have added a page where members can place information about themselves, if they care to.  Just submit your materials to the Webmaster!


The Fall Issue of The Violet Gazette Is Now Available Online

             The Autumn issue of The Violet Gazette is now available online.  As an early holiday gift, we have published it to BOTH the members only and the public archive area.  This is the largest issue that we have produced.  It is full of fascinating material.  Be sure to read all EIGHT articles!


The Differences Between African And True Violet; Who Is Who?

             Peter Robinson, AVS Horticultural Advisor (UK) Describes differences between the two, often confused "Violets".


Fall Issue of Violets In The Garden

             Jack is back with new musings and recommendations.  Like many of us, he has a bandit in the garden.  Some have masks and some are very small.


A New Lead In The Search For 'Princess Mary'

             Norma provides another lead to be followed in the investigation..


Entries Added to Bibliography of Periodical Articles

             New additions to Peter and Annebelle's original list, including references to "Sweet Times".  Several of these entries are available online via links in the Bibliography to the sections in which they appear in the site..


ANNOUNCING Email Notification On The New Talk About Violets Forum

             Now you have the option of receiving e-mail when someone responds to your post on the New Talk About Violets Forum.  HERE IT IS!.


ANNOUNCING The New & Improved Talk About Violets Forum

             A number of our users and contributors have been asking for an easier to use and more functional discussion page.  HERE IT IS!.


Announcing Printer Friendly Pages!

             A number of our users and contributors have been pointing out to us that our pages roll off the edge of printers when they try to print them.  NO MORE!  Our site has been updated to be printer friendly.  If you are using IE or AOL recent versions, (Sorry Netscape Users) you will now be able to print out the pages on the AVS site and the whole page will show up.


The AVS Volunteer Page

             Since the beginning of the year 2000, The American Violet Society has made great strides, both with respect to this web site, and with other aspects of our organization..  Everything we have accomplished has been the result of our generous volunteers.  We can be even better, but we need your help!  Check here to see some of our current position openings.  Come Join The Fun!  Be Part Of The Team!


Bibliography of Periodical Articles

             Peter and Annebelle contributed the initial effort to build this excellent bibliography of periodical articles related to the violet.  If you know of any more,  send us a note with the pertinent info and we will add them to the list.


AVS Market Square, The Violet Marketplace

             If you have something to sell, related to violets or are looking for violet treasures, this page has been provided for you to post a free advertisement for the item.  (Provided as a public service only, The AVS and its associates assume ABSOLUTELY NO LIABILITY)


Book Review of Bebe Miles' Wildflower Perenials For Your Garden

             Norma Beredjiklian, reviews this gem that shares over 40 years of experience with wildflowers in terms a novice can understand.  A link is provided where you may purchase the book, if you wish.  (Provided as a public service only)


AVS Site Homepage Updated

             Due to the continuing expansion of The American Violet Society Site, we have modified the navigation controls on Our Homepage.  We realize that some of your favorite sections are no longer directly visible, but if you don't see what you are looking for, try scrolling the menu.  It's probably been moved there to make room for future expansion.  If you still can't find what your are looking for, use the search button at the top of the page.


Violet Trivia Page

             In this page, we will list what we hear and encourage all of you to send in your own findings on violetrivia. Let's create the world's best database of violet trivia!.


Breaking News Replaced With AVS News Page

             The Breaking News Page has been replaced with our new AVS News page.  Look here for the inside news.


Violet Press

             Look here for reports highlighting Violets, gleaned from the world press .



             Announcements of AVS sponsored contests .


Viola Chef (V1-1 2000)

             We announced that The Herb Gourmet, Debbie Whittaker, would be coming soon, with violet treats to tempt and satisfy.  Well, HERE SHE IS!
with recipes for Violet Leaf Tea, Violet Vinegar, Mango & Heartease Fruit Salad, Tripple Violet Salad, Shitake Stir Fry, Violet Studded Cakes, Crystalized Viola and Violet Sugar.  We also are about to start a Violet Recipe Contest, where you can enter your fantastic creation for "fame and fortune".


Violets In The Garden (Summer) 07-15-2000

New Links Added 07-12-2000

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