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About The AVS

     Chartered as a not for profit organization in the United States, The American Violet Society (AVS), does not limit its interest and violet research to the North American region. Its connections extend to key international producers, researchers and hundreds of violet fanciers worldwide, and welcomes membership from around the world.

     The main nexus for the AVS is the Violet Gazette a publication geared to keeping "violeteers" fully informed about Violets and Violas and Pansies. It features articles on gardening tips, historical / literary references, violet lore, latest medicinal and botanical research, and availability in the marketplace.

     The American Violet Society is fully supported by its Sponsoring Members.  We are supported solely by voluntary contributions and volunteer labor.  You are encouraged to help us by becoming a Sponsoring Member.

     For membership and other information, please contact.

Gary W. Sherwin, President
PO Box 342
Yukon, Pennsylvania 15698-0342

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Gary W. Sherwin
Sherwin Family Enterprises
Yukon, PA
Co-Publishing Coordinator

Mary Warren
Randolph, ME USA
Vice President - Northeast / USA
Membership Relations

Elizabeth Scott
Bronx, New York USA
Vice President
Associate Editor, Violet Gazette
Research & Events Coordinator

Annebelle Rice
Long Beach, CA. USA
Vice President - West Coast / USA
Editor, Violet Gazette


Board Members

Tovah Martin Honorary Chairman of the Board

Harvey E. Ballard, Jr., Ph.D.
Dept. of Environmental and
Plant Biology, Porter Hall
Ohio University (Athens)
Board of Directors

Arthur O. Tucker, Ph.D.
Delaware University (Dover)
Board of Directors

Christine (Kim) Blaxland
B. Sc (Sydney University)
Pennsylvania, USA
Board of Directors

Dr. Theresa M. Culley, Ph.D.
Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California, USA
Board of Directors

Scott D. Appell
Horticultural Society of New York
Board of Directors

Janet Walker
Director of Agriculture
The American Horticultural Society
Board Of Directors Member

Diana Pederson
Lansing, MI. USA
Board of Directors Member
Garden Writer


Nathalie Casbas
Les Violettes
Horticultural Advisor (Europe)

John Whittlesey
California, USA
Horticultural Advisor (USA)

Masashi Igari
World Of Mashi Igari / Plants & Photograph
Toyohashi, Japan
Taxonomy Advisor / Photographer (Japan)

John Snocken
The National Viola and Pansy Society
United Kingdom
Associate Member of the Board of Directors (UK)
Horticultural Advisor on Violas and Pansies
Editor, NVPS

Suzanne Lukas
Urdine, Italy
Horticultural Advisor / Correspondent (Italy)

Giulio Fanin
Udine, Italy
Horticultural Advisor (Italy)

Pierre Barandou
Agen, France
Associate Member of the Board of Directors (France)
Geraniums d' Aquitaine, Owner
Violet Grower


Retired and Emeritus Members

Norma Beredjiklian
Founder Emeritus

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Retirement Announcement



Founding Member
Vice President - East Coast / USA
Website Content Coordinator
Editor, Violet Gazette
Public Relations
Co-Publishing Coordinator
Senior Editor 


Former Officers

Past Presidents (for the American Violet Society):
Annebelle Rice (1998-2003)

Past Presidents (for the International Violet Association):
John Whittlesey (1994-1997)
Norma Beredjiklian (1998)
Joan Yardley (1999)
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